6/11/14 PenneyLawyer.com presents the “ALL AMERICAN 100” at the Placer County Fair

PenneyLawyer.com presents the “ALL AMERICAN 100” at the Placer County Fair

The Pacific Challenge series “ALL AMERICAN 100” presented by Penneylawyers.com will bring late model racing back to the All American Speedway in Roseville on June 21.

This will be a Saturday only event – with no Friday practice (PCS cars will get plenty of practice on Saturday). The Placer County fair will be in full swing, The North State Modifieds and the AAS F-4’s are on the calendar and we are expecting 20+ cars – so this should prove to be awesome event to attend. Our PCS group is excited to welcome NASCAR star David Gilliland as an entry into the night’s event. David will be making the trek up to All American Speedway as soon as CUP practice at Sonoma wraps up on Saturday. He will be driving a PCS super late model entry prepared by Naake motorsports. A big thanks goes out to Mike Naake for helping us put this together. All of our PCS drivers are excited to have David come and compete with us.

Bring your cars out, bring your families out and be a part of a good ol’ Saturday night at the fair and races. Come out and cheer on late model racing at its finest!!

An IMPORTANT note to PCS competitors and crews – As we have discussed before, Because AAS is so close to its neighbors we will have to make every effort to quite our cars down. A good muffler and the exhaust turned down under the car IS A MUST! NO OUT THE DOOR EXHAUST. We will also have cone inserts available for those who need them. If there are any questions, Refer to rule 14.0 in the PCS rule book. We want to continue to race at AAS in the future so it is imperative that we abide by their sound restrictions.

All the hard work our teams put in to getting cars to the track each race and the sacrifices of their families is greatly appreciated!