22 Cars at Stockton 99!

22 Cars at Stockton 99!

Congratulations to Dylan Hutchinson and his Naake motorsports crew for an impressive win this last Saturday. Dylan raced smart and hard to beat out team mate Danny Allen and 20 other hard charging competitors in the 5th race of the PCS season.
With 22 cars it was the highest car count yet for the PCS series. Hutchinson also set the Sunoco Race Fuels fast time and drew an 8 invert.
The racing got off to a rocky start with a couple of early yellows as racers sorted out the large field of cars. Scribner and Philpott tangled early on the front stretch causing an unfortunate early end to Scribner’s night. Allen shot out to an early lead and looked to have his eye on the win, but a patient Hutchinson had been saving his car and used some traffic to help make the pass for the lead in the later part of the race and never looked back.
PCS points leader, Mike Beeler looked as fast as always and won the Diverse Machine and Fab trophy dash.
Jeremy Doss and Matt Scott were racing each other hard from the middle of the field. Scott dropped out with an overheating problem while Doss’s persistence resulted in a hard fought 3rd place finish. Beeler brought home 4th place, holding on to his points lead, and newcomer to the PCS series , Travis Milburn, rounded out the top 5.
The 6th PCS race of the season will be heading back to Ukiah on Sept 6th. All the PCS teams are looking forward to returning to Ukiah Speedway after such an awesome weekend our last time there. Make your plans now to come over and cheer us on!

8/9/14 Stockton 99

Stockton 99 

 The Pacific Challenge Series will charge back into Stockton 99 Speedway this Saturday after being off for several weeks. The PCS racers and crews are excited to get back to racing. This weekends race should be an amazing race to attend .We are expecting a big strong car count and lots of fast and close racing. The last PCS race at All American Speedway a few weeks ago was some of the best, most exciting late model racing we have seen in years and it looks like the PCS racers are more than ready to bring that excitement to 99 speedway. Come out and cheer us on. Our racers love to put on a show for our fans.

There will be a Friday practice with gates open at 2pm, on track from 3pm till dark. We look forward to seeing all of our racers, crews and fans.