Maita Chevrolet Partnership with Pacific Challenge Series

Maita Chevy MotorsportPacific Challenge Series is proud to announce it’s new partnership with Maita Chevrolet in Elk Grove as a new supporting sponsor of our racing series. Maita Chevrolet Motorsports and their GM performance parts team have come on board as a Pacific Challenge Series supporter in a big way. The Maita Motorsports group has pledged podium finish bonus dollars for any competitor running a Gm performance “604” or “525” crate motor purchased from Maita for the 2015 PCS season. This bonus goes directly to the racer in addition to the regular PCS purse at each event. A first place finish will receive a $300 bonus, 2nd a $200 bonus and 3rd a $100 bonus. We are even more excited to announce that the 2015 Pacific Challenge Series season champion will win a brand new GM CT 525 motor from the Maita motorsports performance parts store. That is a huge jump in championship prize value from our previous years. We are excited to have the Maita Chevrolet and auto group and Gm behind our growing series. A full inventory of GM performance parts and motors can be found at the Maita Chevrolet dealer in Elk Grove. For info and PCS member pricing on GM crate motors and performance parts call Maita parts direct at (916)647-8080



What an unbelievable weekend of racing… If you are any kind of a race fan and were able to attend our final race in the PCS 2014 season at All American Speedway then you definitely got your fix of super late model racing!! If you weren’t a fan but happened to be there then I guarantee you are a fan now.
With an un heard of 40 car field and perfect weather for this event PCS fans came out in force to see what was unquestionably our most exciting race yet. It was amazing for our PCS racers to do what they love in front of a totally packed grandstand. It was quite a sight.
Our PCS racers were on their game this weekend. My sincere thanks go out to all our teams for their hard work and efforts to bring these cars out and put on such a great show for us.
We are already looking forward to next season and more events like this one!


24 CARS @ AAS 9/20/14

24 CARS @ AAS 9/20

Wow!!! What an unbelievable show we had at All American Speedway. Our largest field yet at 24 cars! Super fast and close qualifying times. Schmidt went a 13.387 Doss went a 13.388 and Matt Scott went a 13.391. The top ten were within a tenth. The close 1st –2nd place points battle between Beeler and Allen got even tighter and will come down to our last race to decide our 2014 PCS champion. Matt Scott and Jeremy Doss put on another great race for the AAS fans, racing hard at the front swapping the lead. Schmidt did a great job picking his way back through the field after an early race spin to come from the back to a strong 3rd place finish. Travis Milburn had a great run battling with the front runners until he was sidelined on lap 93 with a mechanical issue. Setting up a tight 7 lap run to the finish for the whole group. Michael Wendt was thankfully ok after a hard crash into the turn 1 wall ending his night in a shower of sparks. Speaking of showers and sparks… Yes it even started to sprinkle slightly about mid race but luckily held off for us to get our race in. Our fans got a great lightning show off in the distance as well.
There a great crowd on hand to see some of the best Late model racing we have had all year. The racing was hard but clean for having a full 24 car field with only a couple of yellow flags there was some good long runs with lots of passing and exciting side by side racing.
Our Pacific Challenge Series Group can’t wait and will be working hard the next couple of weeks to get their race cars tuned up for our huge end of season final race back at All American Speedway on October 11th with the Nascar K&N BMR event. With 30 late models expected and a great payout on the line it will be the show of the year to see for sure. Make your plans now to come out for the “don’t miss” event of the season.

Ukiah 9/6/14

Ukiah 9/6

Another exciting PCS race weekend in the books. This past weekend’s race at Ukiah speedway was full of excitement, fun, thrills and spills.

A huge thanks and appreciation goes out to David and his family and staff for once again making this a fun and enjoyable weekend of racing for the PCS group. Fridays long practice ending with a big tri tip BBQ was a great treat for all the racers ,crews and family. With 18 cars at Fridays practice we knew that Saturdays race would be a big full field of Late Models with 21 cars total coming out for Saturday’s event.

A tight championship points battle had most the teams on their game and with a hand full of new faces to the PCS the atmosphere was exciting and intense.

As the qualifying /practice times clicked off it was apparent that the field was going to be very close and competitive. Jeremy Doss clicked off the fast lap of the day with a 12.69 and drew a 10 invert. The next 18 cars were all within 3 tenths on the charts.

A great military appreciation and fan meet and greet preceded the racing with an awesome flag ceremony and national anthem. There was even a live band in the grand stand. The Racers and fans alike all seemed to enjoy the meet and greet. Our PCS racers always enjoy the chance to say hi to our fans.

With the PCS race getting a late start everyone knew it was go time. Everyone was racing hard and charging for the front and many were driving for the same piece of real estate which resulted in quite a bit of contact between competitors, bringing out several yellow flags and even a red flag at one point when Beeler in the 6 car was sent sailing off the track in turn 3. Beeler, the current points leader, was able to clean the dust ,dirt and hay off his car and continue to finish the race and maintain his points lead by a now narrower margin over a determined Danny Allen. Newcomers to this year’s PCS, Travis Milburn, Tom Elam, Corey James, Hollis Thackeray and Sierra Furia all ended up with very respectable top 10 finishes despite the challenging circumstances.

Unfortunately a late start and lots of cautions pushed the race past the 11pm curfew and the race saw the yellow checkered on lap 40 with Jeremy Doss at the lead taking the win, making 6 different winners in 6 races for the highly competitive PCS late model series.

Thanks go out to all the PCS racers, crews and families for all their hard work and effort in getting these cars out and putting on a show for our fans.

22 Cars at Stockton 99!

22 Cars at Stockton 99!

Congratulations to Dylan Hutchinson and his Naake motorsports crew for an impressive win this last Saturday. Dylan raced smart and hard to beat out team mate Danny Allen and 20 other hard charging competitors in the 5th race of the PCS season.
With 22 cars it was the highest car count yet for the PCS series. Hutchinson also set the Sunoco Race Fuels fast time and drew an 8 invert.
The racing got off to a rocky start with a couple of early yellows as racers sorted out the large field of cars. Scribner and Philpott tangled early on the front stretch causing an unfortunate early end to Scribner’s night. Allen shot out to an early lead and looked to have his eye on the win, but a patient Hutchinson had been saving his car and used some traffic to help make the pass for the lead in the later part of the race and never looked back.
PCS points leader, Mike Beeler looked as fast as always and won the Diverse Machine and Fab trophy dash.
Jeremy Doss and Matt Scott were racing each other hard from the middle of the field. Scott dropped out with an overheating problem while Doss’s persistence resulted in a hard fought 3rd place finish. Beeler brought home 4th place, holding on to his points lead, and newcomer to the PCS series , Travis Milburn, rounded out the top 5.
The 6th PCS race of the season will be heading back to Ukiah on Sept 6th. All the PCS teams are looking forward to returning to Ukiah Speedway after such an awesome weekend our last time there. Make your plans now to come over and cheer us on!

8/9/14 Stockton 99

Stockton 99 

 The Pacific Challenge Series will charge back into Stockton 99 Speedway this Saturday after being off for several weeks. The PCS racers and crews are excited to get back to racing. This weekends race should be an amazing race to attend .We are expecting a big strong car count and lots of fast and close racing. The last PCS race at All American Speedway a few weeks ago was some of the best, most exciting late model racing we have seen in years and it looks like the PCS racers are more than ready to bring that excitement to 99 speedway. Come out and cheer us on. Our racers love to put on a show for our fans.

There will be a Friday practice with gates open at 2pm, on track from 3pm till dark. We look forward to seeing all of our racers, crews and fans.

6/21/14 Most Exciting Event

Most Exciting Event 

“Wow, Wow and holy cow!!” is what everyone who was lucky enough to see the PCS “All American 100” presented by is saying.

The PCS teams came out in force for this event, bringing a solid field of 21 cars ready to hit the track and entertain our fans. Saturdays super-fast practice times revealed that the drivers were up on the wheel and that the racing would be fierce.

In qualifying, Eric Schmidt put down a blistering fast lap in his Sierra Speed Chevy Camaro to top the charts and claim the Sunoco Fuels Fast time award. Drawing a 6 pill for the invert would put a strong bunch of cars and tough competitors in the top spots for the start of the race. Keith Nelson in the 6n car won the 6 car 6 lap Diverse Machine and Fab trophy dash, giving the fans an exciting peek at the fast and close racing that was in store.

After a great afternoon of patriotic opening ceremonies and Placer county Sheriff K 9 and swat unit demonstrations, the racing got under way. It was quite a site to see a full grandstand and 21 late models racing to the green at All American Speedway. Right away in the opening laps it was apparent that we were in for an amazing show. The battle to get to and stay in the front was something to see. Unbelievable door to door racing from Beeler, Nelson, Scott, Doss, Schmidt and Hutchinson and multiple lead changes between Matt Scott and Jeremy Doss made for one of the most memorable races we have seen in years. PCS series point’s leader Mike Beeler brought home the well-deserved victory after patiently stalking the battling Doss and Scott whose close quarters racing ended with contact and a spin with 3 laps to go unfortunately collecting a few other cars in the mix.

My thanks go out to all the PCS teams, drivers and their families for the hard work and dedication it takes to get these cars to the track to put on such a great show for us. We can’t wait to get to our next event August 9th at Stockton 99 Speedway.

6/18/14 TV Time for PCS A note to all PCS teams

TV Time for PCS A note to all PCS teams

We have gotten confirmation that KMAX31 TV will be at the track Saturday morning doing a live broadcast and interviews for our race. This is a great opportunity to get our series and your cars (and sponsors) some TV time. For those who can make to the track early, gates will open at 9 am. We will need to get cars unloaded and drivers suited up for interviews and on-camera activities. We would like as many teams as possible to get in on this as it is great publicity for the race and our series. For those who want to park your haulers Friday night in the pits, I will be there around 6 and be there till 8 to get guys parked. NO UNLOADING – just park your rigs. Also, on Saturday, Bubba Burgers and Resers foods will be sponsoring a Burger BBQ in the pits for all the teams. Get those cars ready and shined up and we will see you all Saturday!

6/11/14 presents the “ALL AMERICAN 100” at the Placer County Fair presents the “ALL AMERICAN 100” at the Placer County Fair

The Pacific Challenge series “ALL AMERICAN 100” presented by will bring late model racing back to the All American Speedway in Roseville on June 21.

This will be a Saturday only event – with no Friday practice (PCS cars will get plenty of practice on Saturday). The Placer County fair will be in full swing, The North State Modifieds and the AAS F-4’s are on the calendar and we are expecting 20+ cars – so this should prove to be awesome event to attend. Our PCS group is excited to welcome NASCAR star David Gilliland as an entry into the night’s event. David will be making the trek up to All American Speedway as soon as CUP practice at Sonoma wraps up on Saturday. He will be driving a PCS super late model entry prepared by Naake motorsports. A big thanks goes out to Mike Naake for helping us put this together. All of our PCS drivers are excited to have David come and compete with us.

Bring your cars out, bring your families out and be a part of a good ol’ Saturday night at the fair and races. Come out and cheer on late model racing at its finest!!

An IMPORTANT note to PCS competitors and crews – As we have discussed before, Because AAS is so close to its neighbors we will have to make every effort to quite our cars down. A good muffler and the exhaust turned down under the car IS A MUST! NO OUT THE DOOR EXHAUST. We will also have cone inserts available for those who need them. If there are any questions, Refer to rule 14.0 in the PCS rule book. We want to continue to race at AAS in the future so it is imperative that we abide by their sound restrictions.

All the hard work our teams put in to getting cars to the track each race and the sacrifices of their families is greatly appreciated!

6/9/14 A sizzling night of racing at Stockton 99!

A sizzling night of racing at Stockton 99!

We had a great night of racing Saturday at Stockton 99 Speedway! The heat had teams scrambling to make adjustments to keep up with the changing track conditions. Open style qualifying ended with Keith Nelson winning the Sunoco Race Fuels fast time award. Junior Roddy, Mike Beeler and Austin Gant rounded out the top qualifiers to set the Diverse machine and Fab trophy dash group. Mike Beeler, in his Mike David prepared 6 car won the $100 dash for cash. A 10 car invert for the main promised a exciting battle. An early caution came out when the 13 of Ryan Mock and the 30 of Sheldon Didinger (both newcomers to PCS) tangled near the front of the field in turn 3. Several other cars got caught up in the wreck, sending Roddy’s 41 and the 30 car of Didinger were out due to damage. Fans got to see some amazing door to door racing from the 6n of Nelson and the 6 of Beeler, Danny Allen (our youngest PCS driver at 14) in his Naake motorsports prepared 24 car worked his way to the front with Nelson chasing hard but never quite getting the run he needed to catch the leader. A late race caution for a single car spin bunched the field back up for an exciting run to the end that saw Danny Allen sail his 24 car across the stripe to his first PCS victory. A big congratulations to Danny and the 24 team. Keith Nelson and Mike Beeler finished the night in 2nd and 3rd spots. Myles Anderson and Austin Gant rounded out the top 5. Great driving guys!

A huge thanks goes out to all of our teams and their families for the effort they put out to come and put on a great show for us. We also want to thank the Stockton 99 staff for all their help and support.