Redwood Acres  –   The Pacific Challenge Series rolled back into Redwood acres raceway for the 2nd time this year. After our first high energy visit to RAR there were many new racers that were anxious to get in on the action. Being that this was also RAR’s end of the year open show, an additional bonus was added to the regular PCS purse to entice more cars to come out and join in the fun. With a strong field of 15 cars we were ready for another rock and roll weekend in the Redwoods. Again Eric Schmidt showed his muscle by topping the speed charts. Howard Ford, Junior Roddy, David Miller and local favorite Jimmie Walker were all fast with barely a tenth between them all.

With gray skies looming the evening was put into high gear to make sure we would get the racing in before the rain appeared. The 100 lap main event rolled off a bit earlier than scheduled with all the drivers aiming at getting to the front and expecting a rain shortened race .Newcomer to the series, Chris Scribner was off to an early lead from his front row starting spot and looked to be on a rail. Junior Roddy, David Miller, Eric Schmidt, Randy Houston, Jimmy Walker, Mic Moulton and Bobby Hirschbock were all racing hard and trying to work forward as well. With the racing action going hot and heavy a very light drizzle started to descend on the track at about lap 40. A caution was thrown but the cars stayed out and kept circling the track.  A short few caution laps later the conditions had cleared enough to get racing under way again and the race was on. Junior Roddy had a fast car and worked his way up and was racing for the lead in just a few laps after the re start. A few laps later another light mist rolled across the track and again the yellow flag was out, but again it quickly cleared and racing would resume. As this next re start got under way many cars were starting to jockey around for position and the 5 of Chris Scribner and 41 of Junior Roddy got together  on the back stretch heading into turn 3 and gathered each other up and unfortunately ended both of their nights. After a lengthy clean up the field was re set to run to the finish and the race was on. Eric Schmidt, who had been working his way forward the whole night quickly moved into the lead where he stayed until the next rain shower rolled onto the speedway  drawing the yellow again. This time there was enough moisture to make the race track go slick and the race was checkered at lap 69. The unfortunate early end to this race had Eric Schmidt of Roseville at the front to take his first win at Redwood Acres Raceway. A personal goal he and his team were happy to achieve after his disappointing finish in the previous RAR race. David Miller ended with his best PCS finish yet in 2nd and Randy Houston breaking his bad luck with a strong 3rd place finish. And again a great showing by local drivers Mic Moulton and Jimmy Walker coming home in 4th and 5th.

Thanks again from all the PCS racers and staff to Rich and Linda Olsen for their great hospitality and an awesome Friday night BBQ for the racers.


** REMINDER ** For racers planning on racing the Redwood Acres Fall Spectacular – Please be sure to have a working transponder.  They are not provided and there will not be any available.

See you all this weekend!


PCS Schedule Change – The Oct 12th race at All American Speedway will no longer be a PCS point race. Due to the promoters’ concern regarding car count, they have decided to make the late model support event an 8” tire Roseville/Stockton late model rules event. PCS cars are still welcome and eligible to run, but must run the 8” slick, and must adhere to the weight penalties.  With consideration for these major changes, we have decided to move our final points event to the following weekend, Oct 19th, at Shasta, which is their open show event.  I am working with Blair to get a bigger purse worked out for that show.

On another note… the Sept. 28th race at Redwood Acres is also their “Fall Spectacular Open Show”.   PCS rules and points will apply for this event.  This will be a Saturday-only, 100 lap race with a purse of $2000 to win and other increases all the way through.  See attached entry form and flyer for details.  There will be an optional Friday practice from 3 to 6.  Following practice on Friday, Rich and Linda will be hosting a free BBQ.   $100 Pre-Entry is available now.  After 9/19/13, the fee with increase to $150.   Click here for entry form.

PCS Rules Change – In the interest of achieving higher car counts and enticing more cars to join our series, the decision has been made to change the overall weight and left side requirements for the last 2 shows of our 2013 season.  Click here for revised Rules Packet.

Effective Sept 1st, all applicable weight requirements will increase by 50# in each category.  Stock stub perimeter (steering box) cars will be 58% left and straight rail steering rack cars will be 57% left.  These changes are being implemented to attract more cars so that we may continue to grow our series.

I appreciate everyone’s support and enthusiasm and look forward to an exciting finish to our season so we can start looking forward to next year.

Please call Jeff at 916 338 3434 with any questions.