6.27.15 RESULTS: Round 5 | All American Speedway

1 18 Travis Milburn
2 6 Mike Beeler
3 52 Hunter Corbitt
4 20 Cole Moore
5 88 Bobby Hodges
6 13 Michael Roman
7 J15 Jeremy Hopkins
8 70 Michael Hite
9 22 Troy Nogosek
10 61 Shannon Mansch
11 35 Matt Scott
12 5 Chris Scribner
13 44 Ron Chunn
14 33 Don Swartz
15 34 Austin Gant
16 39 Jim Stillman, Jr.
17 27 John Moore
18 66 Bill Butler

5.23.15 RESULTS: Round 4 | Stockton 99 Speedway

1 75 Jeremy Doss
2 27 John Moore
3 90 Ross Strmiska
4 77 Jacob Gomes
5 35 Matt Scott
6 15 Nic Belletto
7 42 Stanislav Osterlund
8 33 Don Swartz
9 20 Cole Moore
10 6 Mike Beeler
11 70 Michael Hite
12 61 Shannon Mansch
13 55H Zack Huffman
14 14 John Dalerio
15 3 J.R. Courage
16 55 Danny Malfatti
17 52c Hunter Corbett
18 44 Ron Chunn
19 39 Jim Stillman, Jr.
20 2 Michael Wendt

5.9.15 RECAP: Round 3 | Ukiah Speedway

What an amazing weekend of racing we had at Ukiah!! A strong field of 26 cars came out to enjoy a fantastic Saturday of short track racing for the PenneyLawyers.com 75, the 2nd points race of our season. I am impressed with our guys and gals and their teams for all they do to get these cars ready to come out and put on a great show for our fans.

Super late model veteran Junior Roddy showed he was more than ready to jump in the show by setting fast time over the large field of cars.Newcomer to the series, Hunter Corbitt, looked like he had his Nacimiento motorsports prepared car working well as he swept the 6 car 6 lap Penney Racing Supply $100 trophy dash for cash. Fast timer Roddy drew a 4 invert for the start of the main event which put father and son Cole Moore and John Moore on the front row for the start, but earlier mechanical problems would send Cole to the rear of the field for the start of the A main, moving eventual winner Jeremy Doss up to the Pole for the start. 4 cars would transfer out of the 8 car B main (  Big Grinyes a B main) to make up the 22 car A main field. It was a real thrill to see that many late models take the green flag for this race. There was some great racing and jockeying for position early on with some tangles that brought out a couple of yellows in the early laps.

Once we got rolling our PCS racers settled in for some good hard racing with lots of passing that made for a great show. Jeremy Doss was the picture of patients and skill as he lead the field throughout the race while moving through lapped and slower cars to come away with another PCS win.The #18 ofTravis Milburn earned the Naake Suspensions Hard charger award by advancing the most positions from his starting spot in his night of racing.
A huge thanks go out to all of our teams and fans and especially to David Furia and his staff at Ukiah speedway for their great welcoming hospitality,they really help make this a fun fun fun event.
We are already looking forward to our next race on May 23rd at the famed Stockton 99 Speedway for the first race of our Tri- Holiday series there. We are again expecting a huge car count with more valley racers joining in. Make your plans to come out and see our guys and gals put on some of the best late model racing around.

5.9.15 RESULTS: Round 3 | Ukiah Speedway

1 75 Jeremy Doss
2 88 Bobby Hodges
3 52C Hunter Corbitt
4 41 Junior Roddy
5 27 John Moore
6 15J Jeremy Hopkins
7 18 Travis Milburn
8 61 Shannon Mansch
9 6 Mike Beeler
10 5 Chris Scribner
11 20 Cole Moore
12 44 Ron Chunn
13 39 Jim Stillman, Jr.
14 33 Don Swartz
15 13 Michael Roman
16 14 John Dalerio
17 38 Hollis Thackery
18 37 Sierra Furia
19 1 John Nesmith
20 70 Michael Hite
21 88N Bryce Napier
22 28 Myles Anderson

4.18.15 RECAP: All American Speedway

Season Opener at AAS

The PCS had a very healthy start to our 2015 season with a strong 20 car field for our season opener at All American Speedway. All of our teams had their cars looking great and getting around the track as fast as ever. Not just one but several cars bested our fastest PCS times from last year including eventual winner Shannon Mansch. John Moore showed that he was ready to jump back into late model racing in style by setting fast time in his #27 Camaro Lefthander, prepaired by Ty Joiner, with a blistering 13.27 with several others just a tick behind that.Trophy dash winner Travis Milburn turned the fastest lap of the race while fighting to a strong 3rd place finish.

The first PCS race of the season was not without incident as a first lap tangle took out 3rd place qualifier #88 Bryce Napier, #31 Matt Yapelli and#39 Jimmy Stillman.The race saw numerous cautions and delays which is unusual for a PCS race. On lap 57, 2014 PCS champion, #6 Mike Beeler and #18 Travis Milburn got together while fighting for the lead spot and both spun off the track, ending Beeler’s night. #18 Milburn would restart in the rear and charge his way back to the 3rd spot in the time curfew shortened race.The #61 AAS veteran racer Shannon Mansch took advantage of the melee between the two leaders and gained the lead on the restart, knowing the race was running out of time,for her first PCS series win!The #14 of John Dalerio who had been patiently biding his time all race charged to a strong second place finish,his best PCS finish to date as well.

The #44 of Ron Chunn brought a strong 4th place finish home to the C&H racing team. The #20 of Cole Moore finished a very respectable 5th in his first late model start and seemed to really enjoy that he got to race with (and beat) his dad (John Moore) at this event.

#38 Hollis Thackeray( one of our youngest competitors) finished his night in one piece in the 6th position.#33 Don Swartz, who is more commonly seen racing modifieds at AAS, finished in 7th.Newcomer and young gun #52 Hunter Corbit who started in the pole position, after the 8 invert draw and lead laps in the early part of the race,finished eighth in his first late model start.

Unfortunately due to time constraints and many cautions in both the North State mod race earlier in the night and the PCS event the race was shortened and flagged on lap 66. My thanks go out to all of our teams for all their hard work it takes to get these cars prepared every race. I especially want to thank all our awesome PCS race fans who came out in big numbers to cheer us on.

We are looking forward to our next race on May 9th in Ukiah. Hopefully with all the first race of the season gremlins behind us we can bring some good clean racing to our fans over there.

4.18.15 RESULTS: Round 2 |All American Speedway

PCS Official finish for the 4/18 AAS race
1. 61 Mansch
2. 14 Dalerio
3. 18 Milburn
4. 44 Chunn
5. 20 C. Moore
6. 38 Thackeray
7. 33 Swartz
8. 52c Corbett
9. 13 Roman
10. 55h Huffman
11. 70 Hite
12. 55 Malfatti
13. 6 Beeler
14. 34 Gant
15. 5 Schmitz
16. 27 Moore
17. 39 Stillman
18. 31 Yapelli
19. 88 Napier
20. 96 Jones DNS
Sunoco Race fuels fast time (13.27) 27 J. Moore
PenneyLawyers.com dash for cash 18 Milburn

4.11.15 RECAP: Irwindale Speedway

Irwindale 4/11/15

I want to extend a huge thanks to all our teams that ran with us at Irwindale this weekend. We had a blast!! The weather was perfect.. Bill McAnally and his BMR staff did an awesome job with the show. Big thanks to them as well for giving us the opportunity to race at such a great iconic track like Irwindale. We had a good mix of experienced drivers and teams that were really fast all weekend as well as teams and racers that enjoyed this chance to run Irwindale for the first time. Everyone worked very well together and I am thankful to say no one wrecked a car all weekend even with some exciting 4 wide racing at times.

A big congratulations go out to Derek Thorn and his Cambell Motorsports team. As expected they were very fast all weekend winning the Sunoco Race fuels/Reeves Automotive fast time award and winning the PenneyLawyers.com/ NAPA 100 lap event.

It was great fun putting on this specialty event.It was a fun way to get our racing season started. We are looking forward to next weekend and the start of our regular 2015 PCS season with our first points race at All American Speedway Saturday April 18th.

I hope to see lots of our fans come out to see our PCS guys and gals put on a great show.!!

4.11.15 RESULTS: Round 1 | Irwindale Speedway

Pacific Challenge Series official finish for the
PenneyLawyers.com/Napa 100 at Irwindale Speedway *non points*
Finish Car # Driver last name.
43 Thorn
12 Johnson
81 Midgley
36 Hillock
57 Ross
38 Thackery
88 Hutchinson
22 Price
37 Cansdale
01 Soto
10 Lupton
88 Napier
1 Courage
15 Hoplins
89 Hodges
Sunoco Fuels / Reeves Automotive Fast time 43 Derek Thorn
Penney Racing Supply hard charger award 88 Dylin Hutchinson

Maita Chevrolet Partnership with Pacific Challenge Series

Maita Chevy MotorsportPacific Challenge Series is proud to announce it’s new partnership with Maita Chevrolet in Elk Grove as a new supporting sponsor of our racing series. Maita Chevrolet Motorsports and their GM performance parts team have come on board as a Pacific Challenge Series supporter in a big way. The Maita Motorsports group has pledged podium finish bonus dollars for any competitor running a Gm performance “604” or “525” crate motor purchased from Maita for the 2015 PCS season. This bonus goes directly to the racer in addition to the regular PCS purse at each event. A first place finish will receive a $300 bonus, 2nd a $200 bonus and 3rd a $100 bonus. We are even more excited to announce that the 2015 Pacific Challenge Series season champion will win a brand new GM CT 525 motor from the Maita motorsports performance parts store. That is a huge jump in championship prize value from our previous years. We are excited to have the Maita Chevrolet and auto group and Gm behind our growing series. A full inventory of GM performance parts and motors can be found at the Maita Chevrolet dealer in Elk Grove. For info and PCS member pricing on GM crate motors and performance parts call Maita parts direct at (916)647-8080



What an unbelievable weekend of racing… If you are any kind of a race fan and were able to attend our final race in the PCS 2014 season at All American Speedway then you definitely got your fix of super late model racing!! If you weren’t a fan but happened to be there then I guarantee you are a fan now.
With an un heard of 40 car field and perfect weather for this event PCS fans came out in force to see what was unquestionably our most exciting race yet. It was amazing for our PCS racers to do what they love in front of a totally packed grandstand. It was quite a sight.
Our PCS racers were on their game this weekend. My sincere thanks go out to all our teams for their hard work and efforts to bring these cars out and put on such a great show for us.
We are already looking forward to next season and more events like this one!